Luxurious Magazine Audience Size and Syndication of Articles

Luxurious Magazine Audience Size and Syndication of Articles

A question frequently asked of us is, “how many people have read my article?” It’s an impossible question to answer as our articles are syndicated around the world in their entirety.

Seven to eight years ago, Luxurious Magazine engaged in a direct partnership to syndicate our luxury lifestyle and news articles in some of the MSN portals. Although this was a fantastic opportunity for us, we decided to discontinue the agreement with Microsoft after a couple of years as we did not feel we had the right infrastructure to match the incredible opportunity afforded to us.

Since then, many websites have attempted to syndicate our articles, some a little less authoritative than we would like and often without prior warning. Sadly, our articles are also plagiarised by many leading news outlets around the world.

Our main goal is to write unique articles that can be found via a website search through an obvious search phrase.

The way people obtain their news has changed drastically over the past few years. It is now estimated, there are almost 4 billion mobile phone internet users, so this is an area we pay great attention to.

expert guide to anti-ageing lips

For example, in the image on the right, we used the Google voice search option and spoke the words; “expert guide to anti-ageing lips”. As you can see in the image, Luxurious Magazine was the top-rated article (after the adverts) ahead of many specialist magazines and news sites covering the same topic. We choose this example as it was an article published one day before the compilation of this guide.

There are some well-respected sites and apps which do syndicate our articles in their entirety, and we are pleased they do as they offer an enormous new audience to us.

Many people assume that we only write on the subjects of luxury and lifestyle; this is far from the truth.

Over the past twelve months, we have broadened the type of topics we cover as we’ve come to the realisation that luxury and lifestyle cannot be truly defined. Also, there are too many controversial stories circulating on the internet. We want our readers to be informed on a broad range of subjects and afterwards leave feeling happy.

For example, in the main image at the beginning of this piece, you will see an article on Fredzia the Elephant. The Fredzia’s story was covered by many international news outlets similar to ourselves; they included: The BBC, Live Science, CNN, USA Today, The Independent and many more.

We felt the most obvious way for people to find this story on Google was be looking for ‘Fredzia the elephant’ and as you can see, our article is the top-ranked piece on under this search term via a mobile.


Fredzia the Elephant at Warsaw Zoo


This article, along with others we publish, was syndicated by the News Break app who specialise in syndicating stories from the world’s leading publishers. Earlier this year, it was reported that News Break has more than 23 million users, and the number is still growing. The app massively increases the number of people reading our work.

Luxurious Magazine Audience Size and Syndication of Articles 2
Another stumbling block when it comes to determining numbers is our articles regularly rank at the top of search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. You can read more about this HERE.
Luxurious Magazine Audience Size and Syndication of Articles 2

DuckDuckGo is focused on user-privacy and as such does not release any data. Taking this into account, coupled with the sites and apps who syndicate our articles, it is almost impossible to accurately determine the size of our audience.

For more information on this matter, please contact Paul Godbold, the Editor-in-Chief via [email protected]

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